1825 marks the beginning of the winery tradition of our del Pedregal family. That year is when Carlos Del Pedregal arrives to Chile from Asturias, with his convictions on one hand, and with European varieties on the other, in order to fulfill his dream of founding a vineyard in the Maule Valley. The Loncomilla area was chosen by this Spanish pioneer who realized the excellent conditions of our country, ideal for the cultivation of vines and for the elaboration of wines.


José Manuel del Pedregal



José Tomás Urmeneta

Head of Production and Maintenance

Miguel Sandoval

Exports Director

José Manuel del Pedregal Mujica

Exports Manager

Matías Gutiérrez del Pedregal

Exports Manager

Diego Garretón Smart





Alberto del Pedregal




200 hundred years of experience in each bottle

Already several generations have been linked to this family trade, almost 200 years dedicated to elaborating noble wines, adapting to history and changes throughout time. All the members of the family are involved in different tasks and in many ways contribute with their knowledge, passion and love for the land, transmitted from parents to children.


& Finance Manager

Sergio Bravo Cid

Head of Quality

Miguel Galaz


Rosario Domínguez Gil

Agricultural Manager

Marcelo Ugarte Valencia