Aves del Sur Line renews its labels

Thursday, February 8, 2018 12:51 PM

Framed in the deep admiration and respect that Viña del Pedregal has maintained since its foundation by the native flora and fauna of Chile, we renew our line of wines "Birds of the South", incorporating more varieties of Chilean birds illustrated in an innovative way, with graphic resources that highlight its beauty.

The variety of soils, climates, landscapes and environments that our country possesses are also reflected in the birds that fly over each of its corners.

These birds have been portrayed in beautiful labels that pretend to be a tribute of Viña del Pedregal to the most characteristic species of Chile, turning them into the image of a line of elegant and noble wines.

Each strain is represented by a different species in three natural attitudes, which show their free spirit, their fine gestures and their daily flight over our land, in the same way that each wine expresses its personality in the bottle.

We are happy to renew this line and show the market the beauty of the birds that pretend to be poetry in illustrated images, representing all the love we feel for our Chile, nature and fauna in each of our wines.